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Ring ball-mill laboratory installation

Experimental milling plant equipped with a ring-ball mill essentially performs the same processes as the industrial milling installation in power unit.

Ring-ball mill with 10 ball grinding unit (100 mm ball diameter) is geometrically similar model of MKM-33 mill (nominal capacity 33 t/h) , in scale 1:7,5.  Semi-technical scale mill is equipped also with two interchangeable grinding units with 7 balls (125 mm ball diameter)  and 14 balls (76 mm ball diameter). Grinding units have similar outer diameter Dz » 427 mm. Maximal through output of the mill is equal to 0,1 kg/s of coal (characterized by high Hardgrove Grindability Index), at following milling quality of product R0,09 = 20 % and R0,20 = 1 %. Product particle size distribution can be changed in wide range (R0,09 = 5 ¸ 30%) through adjustment of sifter blade angle. The particles feed to the mill should be smaller than 7, 5 mm, which is obtained by preliminary crushing with jaw crusher.

Semi-technical scale milling installation allows  to

• Define the required milling quality  for coal and biomass, for combustion, and co-combustion,

• Identify the causes of mills capacity constraints - assessment of the possibility of their removal,

• Investigation of the possibility to increase the efficiency of the mill while maintaining established quality milling - the modification of structural concepts,

• Research milling of materials including biomass and minerals such as halloysite. 



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